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Matthew L. ElwinAssistant Professor of Instruction of Mechanical Engineering

My research interests include:

  • Decentralized and distributed control of multi-robot systems, a.k.a. swarm robotics.
  • Algorithms that enable large groups of mobile robots to autonomously estimate an environment while using minimal communication and computational resources.
  • Using several robots to manipulate large objects that cannot be moved by a single robot acting alone.
  • Localization and mapping in uncertain environments with large groups of robots and minimal sensing.

Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Northwestern University

M.S. in mechanical engineering, Northwestern University

B.E. with an emphasis in control systems, Dartmouth College

A.B. in engineering sciences, Dartmouth College

ME495 Embedded Systems in Robotics (Lecture notes)

ME495 Sensing, Navigation, and Machine Learning for Robotics

MS in Robotics Individual and Final Projects

Video Lectures for Introduction to Mechatronics

Consultant for Robot Design Studio

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