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Swarm Robotics and Decentralized Computation

A wide range of networked systems exhibit emergent behavior. In nature, for example, flocks of birds, schools of fish, and swarms of bees all develop cohesive global behavior from purely local interactions. The goal of our research is to develop the tools necessary to design local control, communication, and estimation laws for individual agents that yield a desired group behavior.

Research Topics

Control and Optimization for Robot Swarms

Control and optimization for robot swarms

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Modular Self-reconfigurable Robotics

Modular self-reconfigurable robotics

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Novel Sensing for Swarms of Simple Air Vehicles

Novel sensing for swarms of simple air vehicles

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External actuation of swarm robots

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Swarm Shape Control

Swarm shape control

Human-swarm Interaction

Human-swarm interaction

We develop algorithms that enable autonomy to automatically react to human sensory and perception needs to improve situational awareness.

Algorithmic Matter

Algorithmic matter

We develop computational models to enable the design of microrobots with minimal actuation, sensing, and computation.

Bio-inspired Satellite Constellation Control

Bio-inspired satellite constellation control

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