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Michael A. PeshkinBreed Senior Professor of DesignProfessor of Mechanical Engineering


  • Robotics and physical human/machine interaction
  • Surface haptic display
  • Cobots
  • Rehabilitation & assistive robotics
  • Sensors and acuators


  • Tanvas
    Founded 2010, to bring true haptic feedback to touchscreens
  • Kinea Design 
    Founded 2003, to develop robotic assistive devices for physical therapists
    Acquired by HDT Global, 2011
  • Cobotics
    Founded 1997, to commercialize Cobots and related human-interactive robots
    Acquired by Stanley Assembly Technologies, 2002
  • Mako Surgical Corp. (formerly Z-KAT Inc.)
    Founded 1995, to commercialize Coordinated Fluoroscopy for image guided surgery
    Acquired by Stryker Corp., 2013

Carnegie-Mellon University, Robotics Institute
PhD, Physics, December 1986

Cornell University, Department of Physics 
Master of Science, Experimental Solid State Physics, 1982

University of Chicago
Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Physics, 1979

  • ME 233 - Electronics Design "out of the lab"
  • ME 433 - Advanced Mechatronics

Professor Peshkin has been appointed Charles Deering McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence, an all-University award.

Recently, he has been teaching and developing the innovative course Electronics Design, in which students learn to design and debug circuits, using a portable "workbench in a backpack" in place of the traditional fixed labs. Earlier, he created the course Engineering Analysis 3: System Dynamics, which is taken by almost all first year students in the school of engineering. EA3 is part of Northwestern's signature Engineering First curriculum, which engages undergraduate students in the concepts and experience of engineering from the beginning of freshman year. He also teaches a Mechatronics Projects course, and offers walk-in assistance to many students and teams doing mechatronics-related indepenedent projects.

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Numerous reports about Cobots
1996 - 2000

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