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Chris S. BreseePhD StudentNUIN, IGERTAdviser: Mitra J. Z. Hartmann

The research question I am most interested in is this: how does sensory input give rise to perception, and how plastic is this process? The somatosensory system is my chosen model modality because of the unique spatial problems that this system has to overcome before generating a consistent sensory representation. Unlike other modalities the receptors of the somatosensory system do not have an invariant spatial relationship to each other; instead, they move as an animal moves its body parts. This means that this system is an ideal model for sensorimotor integration and active sensation, both of which are essential processes for many species in processing sensory information on the systems level.

PhD candidate at Northwestern University, in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience program, 2010 to present.

Graduate of Reed College, Portland, OR. Psychology major, biology/philosophy concentration, 2007.

Teaching assistant for Introduction to Neuroscience. In this position I collaboratively wrote and graded exams, generated study materials and handouts, gave review lectures, held one-on-one tutoring sessions during office hours, and gave an original lecture covering the topic of neural coding strategies. 2011, Fall.

Partnered with Project Exploration to teach hands-on science workshops in underprivileged Chicago Public Schools. Project Exploration staff provided training for scientist volunteers in how to generate, carry out, and revise original age-appropriate hands-on science workshops. 2011.

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