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Tito FernandezPhD StudentMechanical EngineeringAdviser: Kevin Lynch

My work focuses on robotic manipulation, which attempts to give robotic and prosthetic hands the same dexterity that occurs naturally in the human hand.

Along with Huan Weng, I am currently developing a fingertip force sensor that would provide contact and force information, which would allow robotic fingers to determine what kind of grasp is occurring, and how much contact force is being applied.

We are also working on using demonstration learning to teach a robotic hand how to perform common manipulation tasks to assist prosthetic users with activties of daily living.

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Control, Northwestern University 2019

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University 2017

B.S. Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Northwestern University 2017

ME 333 Mechatronics: TA 2017-18

ME 224 Python: TA 2018-19

ME 449 Robotic Manipulation: Grader 2018-19

ME 449 Robotic Manipulation Grader 2019-20

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