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Rebecca F. FriesenPhD StudentAdvisers: J. Edward ColgateMichael Peshkin

My research is in friction-modulated surface haptics. During my PhD, I've studied the underlying mechanisms of how to manipulate friction forces on a screen, as well as how to use this technology to create compelling haptic experiences on touchscreen displays.

I'm currently working on texture representation and creation. How can we design a large set of distinguishable textures for our haptic screens, which are also defined by a usably small number of descriptive parameters that texture designers can set and modify? This work has led to the designation of pitch, gain, and irregularity parameters of friction-modulated microtexture, analogous to RBG specifications for color modification. 


PhD Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 2020 (expected)

MS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, 2016

BA Physics, Goshen College, 2009

2018 Fall: Co-Instructor for Introduction to Dynamic Systems

2018 Summer: Workshop leader for Northwestern's New TA Conference

2017 Fall: Guest Lecturer for Experimental Engineering

2017 Spring: TA for Experimental Engineering (ME224)

2014 Fall, 2015 Fall: TA for Introduction to Dynamic Systems (ME390)

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