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Ugurcan MuganPh. D. studentAdviser: Malcolm A. MacIver

B.S. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, 2014

Minor Mathematics, Bilkent University, 2014

Mugan, U., and M. A. MacIver, "Arbitrating between planning and habit in naturalistic environments", Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, 09/2019. Google Scholar

Mugan, U., and M. A. MacIver, "The shift from life in water to life on land advantaged planning in visually-guided behavior", bioRxiv, pp. 585760, 03/2019. Google Scholar

Mugan, U., and M. A. MacIver, "How sensory ecology affects the utility of planning", Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience, 09/2018. Google Scholar

MacIver, M. A., L. Schmitz, U. Mugan, T. D. Murphey, and C. Mobley, "Massive increase in visual range preceded the origin of terrestrial vertebrates", Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 114, pp. E2375-E2384, 03/2017. Google Scholar

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