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We collaborate with centers, programs, and labs at Northwestern and beyond.

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

The lab brings integrated care to clinical trials and research studies. The Lab provided the first translational research environment where clinicians, scientists, innovators, technologists, and patients work together in the same space.

Center for Bio-integrated Electronics

Research at the Center focuses on developing breakthrough technologiesthat eliminate the profound mismatch between the properties of biological systems (soft, curvilinear and transient) and those of modern semiconductor devices (rigid, planar and everlasting). The resulting platforms can integrate seamlessly and intimately onto/into essential organs of the human body to provide unprecedented diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical function with revolutionary capabilities for biomedical research and clinical healthcare.

Northwestern Initiative for Manufacturing Science and Innovation (NIMSI)

This initiative seeks new solutions to meet the increasing demand on rapid manufacturing and hyper-individualized needs. Their work addresses the complexity and scalability of manufacturing systems using predictive digital tools across length and time scales. They also address issues related to supply chains, energy use, sustainability, cybersecurity, economic and employment policy, and talent training.

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Program (MSAI)

This graduate program at Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering aims to serve the demand for individuals who can create AI systems embedded in practical settings that function alongside and in conjunction with human beings.

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