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Papers accepted for ICRA 2020

Several papers were accepted from the Center for the upcoming IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Paris, France, in June 2020:

A Fast, Accurate, and Scalable Probabilistic Sample-Based Approach for Counting Swarm Size
Hanlin Wang, Michael Rubenstein

Walk, Stop, Count, and Swap: Decentralized Multi-agent Path Finding with Theoretical Guarantees
Hanlin Wang, Michael Rubenstein

The Soft-Landing Problem: Minimizing Energy Loss by a Legged Robot Impacting Yielding Terrain
Daniel Lynch, Kevin Lynch, and Paul Umbanhowar

Model-based Generalization under Parameter Uncertainty using Path Integral Control
Ian Abraham, Ankur Handa, Nathan Ratliff, Kendall Lowrey, Todd D. Murphey and Dieter Fox

Active Learning of Dynamics for Data-Driven Control Using Koopman Operators
Ian Abraham, Todd D. Murphey

Congratulations to them all!

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